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  • We interview approximately 15 people per day.
  • Typically, 5 out of 15 are offered positions.

  • Energy and Enthusiasm!
  • Good reading skills.
  • Recent Work History (one or more of the following)
  • A job lasting 6 months or more within the past year, OR
  • Recent history of jobs lasting 2 or more years

  • Additional Consideration will be given for:
  • relevant experience
  • previous jobs left on good terms
  • good employment references
  • good attendance at previous jobs
  • self motivated and energetic

  • Professional Attire
  • Avoid
  • t-shirts
  • shorts
  • tank tops
  • “belly shirts” or revealing apparel
  • “baggy pants”
  • sandals, clogs and flip-flops

  • Dress Suggestions
  • Collared Shirt or Sweater
  • Neat, clean pants. Blue jeans are ok if they’re neat and clean.
  • Bring reading glasses if you wear them.

  • Be prepared to remove hats, scarves, bandanas or other headwear upon entering the office (unless required for religious practice).
  • If coming from another job, call ahead to schedule an interview.
    Due to our high call volume, you may have to leave a message with a phone number so that someone can call you back (518-687-6700 x114).
  • Leave yourself enough time so that you can go home, change and get cleaned up.
  • Parents; leave the kids at home, do not bring children to a job interview. This will require a follow-up appointment another day.
  • Cell Phones and Pagers
    Turn off the ringer on your cell phone or pager and be sure not to answer a cell phone during the job interview.

  • You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Being late for an interview is damaging.  If you are late to an interview, we predict that you will frequently be late for work.
  • If you’re taking public transportation or if you are not familiar with the location of our Troy office, leave early enough so you won’t be late.

  • Directions are available on the website and via our phone system.
  • When entering the office door, you do not have to knock.
  • Have a seat on the blue couch and start filling out an application. If there are no applications visible, please inform someone so they can bring you one.
  • Do not open the door and yell “is anybody here?”
  • If you’re waiting for more than 10 minutes before someone greets you, politely go to one of the open offices and knock on the door.
  • Scheduled interviews are preferred but walk-in interviews are welcome.
  • If you come in for a walk-in interview, you might have to wait to be seen so be patient!
  • Evening interviews after 4:30p.m. are by scheduled appointment only.
  • Be respectful of our office and others while you are here. Keep your voice at a respectable level.

  • Fill out the entire application even if you have a resume with you.  
  • Don’t forget to bring job references with you.
  • The application should be signed and dated. 
  • Check your application for accuracy.

  • Give the interviewer a firm handshake and look eye to eye when introducing yourself.
  • Wait for instruction on when to come into the interview room and where to sit.
  • Sit upright and maintain good eye contact.
  • Do not start asking questions. Let the interviewer control the flow of the interview. Save questions for the end.
  • Do not bad mouth companies or past employers you have worked for.
  • Do not lie about anything during an interview or on the application. This includes work history, education, or felony convictions. Any false information, either written or verbal, will lead to not being hired or termination of employment.
  • Most important, the interviewer must like you if they’re going to hire you.  The single best reason for not hiring a job applicant is, “they didn’t work to make me like them.”

(800) 358-1961

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